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Easter Schedule

Holy Thursday - Come and Go Prayer, Reflection, and Communion - 6pm-9pm.

                       The Church will be open for personal time of prayer and reflection.  The communion elements will be available for people to take part in on their own. Soft worship music will be playing. There will be some prompts on what to pray for or reflect on. Anyone can come and take the time they need to reflect on Jesus' life, death and resurrection.


Good Friday - Stations of the Cross - 10:30 am

                       The Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran churches have invited us (all other churches) to take part in the stations of the cross on Good Friday. There is no joint service happening outside of this event.  The stations of the cross are taking place outside weather permitting. As a group we will travel a 4 block radius with 15 stations that you stop at and hear scripture read. The stations take you on the journey of Jesus to the cross, following all the actions of his last week. While typically a Catholic Church tradition, since this is an ecumenical endeavor there will be no Hail Mary's or veneration of the saints. 


Easter Sunday - Pancake Breakfast and Church Service - 9:30am - 12

                         We will have a pancake breakfast here at church starting at 9:30 am. We will need volunteers to help cook and set up the breakfast. Everything would be provided (not a potluck). Sausages, pancakes, juice, etc.

                         Church would happen at the regular time of 10:40 am

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